Hot Tube Freeze Prevention

Hot Tub Heating Failure/Freeze
Prevention Guide

Do Not drain your hot tub! If your hot tub is already drained either refill it or follow the hot tub winterization routine below*.

If your hot tub has no circulation put a submersible pump in the foot well of your hot tub. Plug it in and let it run in your hot tub without a hose. This will circulate the water and generate heat.

Keep your hot tub cover closed to keep in heat.

In the equipment bay of your hot tub put a drop light with incandescent light bulb (not LED that will not generate heat!) or a small ceramic heater Be sure the drop light or heater are clear of wires/pipes etc.

Call for service once you have secured your Hot Tub from freezing.

Hot Tub Winterization Checklist.

  1. Turn on jet 1 – place mixing valves to center – make sure all jets are turned on and air venturis are closed.
  2. Turn on jet 2 & 3 repeat step one for this.
  3. Make sure waterfall is on and center foot well jet is on.
  4. Drain hot tub, remove filters and then turn on system – hit jet 1/2/3 to purge.
  5. Turn Off Breaker.
  6. Open the equipment bay.
  7. Disconnect & drain circ pump – use a reversible shop vac to blow back suction & return lines/reconnect.
  8. Disconnect & drain jet pump 1 – blow back suction & return lines then reconnect.
  9. Repeat #8 for each additional jet pump.
  10. NOTE: make sure all O-Rings and gaskets are in correctly!
  11. Vacuum out excess water from inside hot tub & suction all low jets.
  12. Add Pool & Spa antifreeze into waterfall, foot well jets and all high jets.
  13. Add Pool & Spa antifreeze into filter lines and give each a quick blow.
  14. Store filters in a safe dry place to prevent mildew & put filter cover back on.
  15. Dry the underside of the spa cover with a clean dry towel to help prevent as much mildew.
  16. Put things back together and close spa cover making sure clips are clipped in and breaker is of