Pool opening

Recommended Pool Opening Routine

  1. Net all debris off cover – then uncover the pool – If it has a safety cover, lubricate anchors with wd40 and screw in the anchors. Spread out cover and let dry, fold up the cover & store when all else is done. If there are water bags roll them up and place them with mesh cover.

  2. Turn on all Electrical Breakers to pool equipment & start adding water if needed.

  3. Remove plugs from return lines & put in return jets.

  4. Remove Gizzmo from skimmer & put in the skimmer basket.

  5. If pool has a timer, set it to the correct time and put timer pegs on to run from 9-5.

  6. Reconnect all Equipment: put in pump winter plugs, put in pressure gauge, sight glass and filter drain plug. Lube all ‘O’ rings and gaskets.

  7. Open skimmer & main drain valves and prime pump.

  8. Start pump up on backwash and let run for 30 secs, then 30 secs on rinse then back to filter. If water needs to be lowered put valve on waste and drain until 1” freeboard on skimmer. If cartridge system Clean filters.

  9. Once pool pump is running, test pool water – adjust alkalinity to 110 ppm & Calcium to 180 ppm. Add 1 qrt Proteam Algae60 per 10,000 gallons unless water is green….if green 1 qrt per 5,000 gallons, 1 lb of Proteam shock n swim per 10,000 gal and 1 gallon liquid chlorine or 1lb of Proteam Power 73 per 10,000 gallons, add tabs to feeders (4 – 8 depending on pool) replace Nature2 cartridge if present – brush pool once all chemicals are added, net leaves & leave pump running.

  10. Replace light into niche & make sure light screw is secure.

  11. If pool has a heater make sure gas valve is turned on and gas line shutoff is also turned on. Startup heater. Turn on & off a couple of times and leave it on standby.

  12. Put in handrails & ladders.

  13. Check system for leaks – or other problems needing repair and call All Seasons.

  14. Bring a water sample in to be tested and to follow our weekly routine – if you don’t have a printout, ask for one when you have their water tested.