Maintenance Recommendations

Recommended Weekly Maintenance: 10,000 gallon pool
Adjust amounts based on your gallons.

  1. Add water if needed

  2. Vacuum the pool if necessary

  3. Empty skimmer basket/s if they are in

  4. Empty debris from pump basket & lube pump lid O’ring if needed

  5. Check filter pressure gauge, if pressure has risen 3 – 5 lbs. above clean beginning pressure, backwash & rinse the filter if it’s a Sand Filter / clean cartridges if Cartridge Filter / recharge if D.E. Filter

  6. Check chlorinator and add ProTeam 3” High Tech Tabs if needed, should have 3-4

  7. Test pool water… maintain these levels; chlorine 1 – 3 ppm, pH 7.4 – 7.8, alkalinity 80 -120 ppm, calcium hardness 200 – 250 ppm and cyanuric acid (chlorine stabilizer/ UV shield) 30 – 50 ppm If any of these are not in good range, adjust to bring into proper balance

  8. Shock the pool using 1bag ProTeam Power 73 fast dissolving granular Chlorine Shock or 1 gallon premium liquid Chlorine Shock *** Pools with Nature2 systems should maintain .6 to 1 ppm chlorine and shock with ProTeam Shock & Swim Non-chlorine oxidizer.

  9. Add 4 oz. ProTeam Microfloc non foaming algae preventer.

  10. Every other week or when adding water, add 4 oz. of ProTeam Metal Magic

  11. Add ProTeam Alkalinity Up if needed, to maintain 110 – 120 ppm

  12. After all chemicals are added clean the tile line with ProTeam Tile & Vinyl Cleaner, brush the pool stairs, walls & floor to main drain

  13. Skim pool surface if needed

  14. Wait 1 hour before using the pool if shocking with chlorine, 15 minutes if using Shock & Swim non-chlorine shock or do the above procedure after pool use is done for the day

*Once a month bring a water sample to All Seasons Pool & Spa to have all base chemicals tested

Enjoy Your Pool!